How Home Services Works

Step 1: Fill in your contact details.
Step 2: Our team will be in touch with you to develop a treatment plan and help you decide the best treatment options.
Step 3: Make your booking with our consultants and your physiotherapist will be on their way to you on the date you set!
Step 4: Our physiotherapist will give you a call when they are on their way and when they arrive.
Step 5: Our physiotherapist will conduct a quick checkup on your condition through palpation to assess your current condition.
Step 6: Hydrogen Gas is then sprayed topically to diffuse into your body to start the healing process.
Step 7: The physiotherapist will conduct manipulation to assist the healing process.
Step 8: The physiotherapist will conduct another checkup to discuss what to do between sessions and what will be done on your next session.
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